玻璃钢杆应用于停车杆的优势 适用范围: 小区道闸、收费站道闸、停车场道闸、危险或限制路段道闸等。 质量轻: 玻璃钢杆的密度为1.9g/cm 3 约为钢质停车杆的三分之一(钢抽油杆的...

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质量轻:玻璃钢杆的密度为1.9g/cm3,约为钢质停车杆的三分之一(钢抽油杆的密度为7.85 g/cm3),可以大大降低道闸闸机悬点载荷,因此可以运用功率小的电动机、较小的变速箱、较小的平衡块、较轻便的结构形式,从而达到节约电能、提高综合效率的目的。

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The Advantages that FRP be Used in Parking Rod
Applications: residential road gate, toll gate, parking brake, dangerous or restricted road gate, etc.
Light weight: FRP rods density is 1.9g/cm3, about 1/3 of the parking rod steel (steel sucker rod density is 7.85 g/cm3), can greatly reduce the gate suspended load, so you can use small power motors, smaller gearbox, smaller balance blocks, lighter structure. In order to save energy, improve the comprehensive efficiency of the.
Good flexibility: the elastic modulus of FRP rods for (4.0-6.0) * 104MPa, only about 1/4 of the steel gate rod (elastic modulus of steel gate rod is 2.1 * 105MPa), it can prolong the service life of the gate, but also can increase the effective stroke of the gate, increase the effective opening and closing times.
Strong corrosion resistance: glass steel has corrosion resistance and good fatigue properties; It is mainly preheated and cured by thermosetting resin and glass fiber without alkali and twisting. It is a non conductor of electricity. It is tested no corrosion under the environment of brine and containing carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. This can reduce the situation of stopping operation due to corrosion causing brake rod breakage, so as to reduce operation cost and increase production efficiency.
High strength: tensile strength of FRP rods for 810MPa, reached the tensile strength of D steel, the biggest short-term stress of 300MPa, the maximum load of up to 15t.
Environmental protection: most of the traditional parking rods are made of aluminum rods, while aluminum rods need to be oxidized in production, which will cause adverse effects on the environment. The use of fiberglass rods instead of aluminum rods can reduce the environmental impact in the manufacturing process.


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